Report: phone Mate 20 Huawei will design a unique

In the time which we treat of the copying of all the companies to design phone iPhone X you may see Google catch these companies when they detect phones pixels the health of the registry existing. But at the same time it is clear that there are a number of companies want to provide what is the best and perhaps one company Oppo China revealed phones R17 وF9 who are you afraid of a little apartment to look distinctive from the slit iPhone X which has become traditionally directly.

If this report about the phone Huawei Mate 20 expected in the coming months of the current year, the company is working on the design of the phone and also small.

Phone Huawei will be featured in another where it is expected to be the first phone android processor core 7 nm and after that believe phones iPhone next to become the first phones with this architecture. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the chip Snapdragon next which will be the same architecture but it will require months before to come in early 2018 after more than a month.

According to previous reports, the phone will come in three version namely the original and a copy bearing the name of Pro and other download name Lite just like released phones P20 this year. If reports are true the phone will automatically make him one of the excellent options this year.

Includes specifications sensor fingerprint under the screen like that provided by my company, Vivo وOppo phones NEX وFind X In addition to the feature of the faceted-like feature Face ID provided by Apple. Also include the specifications that appear in the reports large battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh used by the Chinese company brilliance on this side and three lenses for the rear camera as seen previously from the company.

And run counter to the image that was leaked which show little apartment very similar to the one that was in the phone screen Essential with the submission of the company to resemble the Face ID where you need this technique to a number of sensors impossible to put them in the little slot so it is possible to expect not a healthy one easily unless the Chinese company has a very big surprise.

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