Report: phone Galaxy S9 will be the most expensive Samsung phones until now

This topic report: phone Galaxy S9 will be the most expensive Samsung phones so far appeared on Engadget.

Alleged source from within the industry earlier this month that the Galaxy S9 will be the most expensive series of smartphones offered by Samsung so far, and the Bank adds more information to this command but it reported that my phone S9 will be released officially on February 25, which was confirmed by Samsung after a few days. Although the credibility of this source except to raise the company’s price range phones new remain is somewhat questionable, with many reports indicating that the upcoming phones will only update incremental for devices ex, at least for the model smaller.

Galaxy S9

It is rumored to resemble the Galaxy S9 5.5-inch to a large extent the Galaxy S8, with a major exception is the testing of the system on the chip and rear camera improved. It is expected to be the mobile version in the United States and China powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, while the International models it is supposed to contain a Samsung Exynos processor 9810, both of which are more powerful and effective than the Snapdragon processor 835 processor and Exynos 8895 existing telephones S8.

Coming main camera of the phone with a new sensor from Samsung which is rumored to be strictly 12-megapixel behind the lens of the girl variable, ranging from f / 2.4 to f / 1.5, which is the same water found in the telephone company W2018 which was launched in China last month. It is also expected to be the bottom edge of the phone slimmer than found on the previous device, with the survival of the rest of the specifications as they are. Given the relative lack of major updates, it is currently unclear how will the Samsung price increase which is possible to offer with Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 plus compared to 6.2 inches it is likely to come at a higher price, where recent reports indicate that the basic model of the phone will contain random memory 6 GB internal memory 128 GB, while all models will support the preparation of the Dual Camera contains the same sensor main on the younger model with a sensor 12 megapixel girl Fixed Lens.

Has started price Galaxy S8 plus last year from 800 $ to get over $ 1000 for the model, 256 GB, Samsung may offer a model of the Galaxy S9 plus an internal memory of 512 GB; it also recently started manufacturing of flash memory chips of 512 GB and has marketed it in at least one of its organs to 2018. Will be announced the handset officially in the MWC conference 2018 in late next month, should become available for purchase in the second half of March after a short period, before receiving pre-orders.


This topic report: phone Galaxy S9 will be the most expensive Samsung phones so far appeared on Engadget.

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