Report: partnership coming between Panasonic and Toyota for the manufacture of electric car batteries

تقرير: شراكة محتملة بين باناسونيك وتويوتا لصناعة بطاريات السيارات الكهربائية

Similar to a partnership entered into by the company Panasonic with Tesla company is the American leader in the electric car industry regarding car battery, report forwebsite Nikkei that the company Toyota and Panasonic are to establish a joint venture to manufacture electric car batteries plan to 2020, with the expectation of a declaration of the parties on the convention over the next week.

And all the two companies to reduce the cost to the industry of electric car batteries by resorting to reduce their sizes and to maintain efficiency; as well as taking into consideration the desire of Toyota to provide the production line for electric cars by Mark by Daihatsu are popular in many countries of the world; with provided to buy a foreign car and Mazda as well as Honda, according to the site.

The report explained that the draft of the new company will be the transfer of a number of sources of batteries and Panasonic of Japan and China to the East; in going to be Twitter Share of 51% of the stock, and in general can be expected how the impact of this step on the Toyota in the future to accelerate the process of integration into the market of electric cars that continued to slow over the past years, with the exclusion of the impact of this partnership on the relationship between Panasonic and.

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