Report of the Washington Post confirms the concern of some members of Congress about the development of face recognition technology

New report from the Washington Post to claim some legislators recently put some legal restrictions the use of facial recognition technology that has already begun in that the concern of some MPs from the Congress about the impact of this technology and the level of precision in face recognition, penetrate the privacy of a lot of people.

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Require face recognition technology to rapidly in the recent period to support surveillance cameras and other smart devices modern, however, this rapid development began in stirring controversy among lawmakers and deputies of Congress, with the claim of some MPs to put legal restrictions to the use of this technique.

He pointed out a group of legislators to the need to develop a McQuay legal on facial recognition technology before it could spread further and lead to breach the privacy of others, as met the views of many members of Congress about their fear of using software of this technique in determining the existence of individuals and on the civil rights of many people.

On the other hand, has proven practical experience of this technology fails in a lot of situations particularly with the FBI, who confirmed that this technique is accurate often, where this technique works sometimes on the classification of women as, for example, in tests conducted on this technique, which has led to the Prevention of cameras installed on police uniforms in the heart of San Francisco.

Recall that the meeting of the members of Congress did not end with features from the key of how to put legal restrictions to use this technique, but it is the beginning of sure to use this technique that don’t come to the standards perfect in the end.


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