Report of the new memory specification LPDDR5 in the Galaxy S10

Raised controversy among the leaks that have been spotted so far about the memory specification in the series of Galaxy S10, at the time confirmed previous leaks to the standards of new memory for the Samsung LPDDR5 among series specifications Galaxy S10 this year, the report came out new today to the validity of these leaks.

Pointed out some leaks during the financial period to the plans of Samsung to bring the new generation of memory LPDDR5 one of the versions of the Samsung from the series Galaxy S10, however, a new report published on the internet confirms the opposite.

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Indicates a lot of leaks indicated that Samsung will be the highest specifications in their next series of the Galaxy S10, we have indicated previous leaks suggest that the Samsung comes memory random 12 GB RAM in the phone model Galaxy S10 Plus which supports the fifth-generation networks.

As the report pointed out that the new version of the Galaxy S10 series phones come with the settings double for the rear, that is, that this version does not includes settings for the three for the rear.

It is planned to include the next versions of the phones top speed in the memory take the memory currently used in the Samsung phones LPDDR4X, or to quickly transfer data up to 4.3 GB per second.

On the other hand take Samsung step to produce LPDDR5 RAM in May last, which came with the consumption of less energy with fast data transfer up to 6.4 GB per second, however, the projections indicated that the mass production that LPDDR5 doesn’t officially start before 2020, due to the delayed standards of DDR5, which is another reason for the about the possibility of the annexation of the memory in the Galaxy S10.


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