Report: Microsoft will launch a version of Xbox One S All-Digital on the sixth of May next

تقرير: مايكروسوفت ستطلق Xbox One S All-Digital في السابع من مايو المقبل

We pointed out in a previous report, the launch of the Microsoft name Xbox One S All-Digital on version Xbox useless disks, which offers a game experience based on the services Xbox associated with the company’s cloud, to speak today of a new report to Windows Central about the company’s intention to launch a digital on the sixth of May next.

Where the site got the leaks about the plan bring the basis of Microsoft to launch it with reference material in addition to the image leaked of the fund outer packing unit games did they re-design their dissemination to the public.

In indicated the leaked information also that Xbox One S All-Digital comes with memory storage HDD capacity of 1 TB with a number of games and attachments, with a stop provided at a low price compared to units of the Xbox One currently available in the market, in the line of Microsoft Light Women digital Family Xbox One and not dispense my copy of X and S with two Reader drives the laser in the near term at least.

Maybe experiencing the coming days leaking more details about the Xbox One S All-Digital in particular that the date of the company announcement is coming soon according to the pace of delivery and the mounting of which sweat in the near of the official announcement.

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