Report: Microsoft plans to launch web cameras to support 4K technology, through 2019

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You think a company of Microsoft’s launch of web cameras New through 2019, so try to bring Face Recognition feature “windows identity” Windows Hello to any device running Windows 10.

According to the website Thurott that the US software company, which previously provided the web cameras, but she didn’t do it years ago, will launch new cameras have that it supports 4K technology and you will get all of the personal computers operating system Windows 10 and the Xbox Xbox.

The site also mentioned that 4K cameras will support facial recognition technology, “the Windows Hello”, as they will live feature Microsoft was providing her with a “Kinect” Kinect for Xbox.

It is indicated that the feature “windows identity”, which has a speed of its ease of set up, allows users to log in to Windows 10 devices using their own biometric data such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

This, and there is in the market currently many of the web cameras that support the technology, “the Windows Hello” but externally, but the 4K camera that you’re working on Microsoft, according to Thurott, will be the first camera separate from the company supports this feature.

Provides a 4K camera, when used with the gaming platform Xbox, the advantage of “Kinect” that misses many players. The users will be able to login automatically simply by checking in front of the camera. This would also with multiple users, as Can friends and family join in the middle of the game.

This feature was one of the main uses for the “Kinect”, which was discontinued in the month of October 2017. Then the company stopped the production of the special supplement, which allowed users to use the supplement with the gaming platforms, the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and the Windows 10, in the month of January last.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: Microsoft plans to launch web cameras to support 4K technology, through 2019

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