Report – iPhone XR 2 will get longer battery lifetime than any iPhone another!

Ord site Moor news Thelec new report, eating the battery capacity on phones, iPhone anticipated which started the Chinese company ATL in manufactured for the Apple TV, the report revealed some interesting details.

تقرير - iPhone XR 2 سيحمل بطارية أطول عمراً من أي آيفون آخر!

iPhone XR 2 (design specialist)

The current version of the iPhone XR is the best of the hand life of the battery in accordance with what we mentioned in a previous article , according to the official figures issued by Apple. This will continue with the next version iPhone the XR 2 since it will increase the card capacity to 3110 Milli amp increase estimated at 5%.

This increase will be reflected positively on the performance of the battery along with the expectation of lower power consumption of the internal components and in the introduction by the main processor in addition to improvements to the operating system.

IPhone battery XR current that can withstand up to 11 hours on average of use better than any iPhone else, and if we add the improvements of the new community Phone iPhone XR 2 is expected to exceed the barrier of 12 hours.

According to the report, will Apple TV also modify the design of the battery to become rectangular instead of the letter L, which makes the battery safer and way more expandable.

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