Report: iPhone may feature a camera background of the three-dimensional

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Reports indicate that the next generation of phones the iPhone manufactured by the company Apple TV may feature camera wallpaper 3D New, where he tried to makers of smart phones create phones capable of capturing three-dimensional images of years ago, but the water didn’t spread at all, it seems that the users of the cell phones on a date next year with the emergence of a variety of new devices containing the sensor of the three-dimensional camera from Sony, which can also be used to form other features in the smart phones rather than just capture the content of the three-dimensional.

According to assess the new agency Bloomberg, the Japanese company Sony, the largest maker of chip cameras used in smart phones, working on enhancing the production of the third generation of sensors after gaining the attention of by the clients, including Apple, have expressed interest in the next generation of sensors, Sony’s three-dimensional, so that might be iPhone for 2019, among those devices that you get on the rear camera, three-dimensional.

These include computer chips, cameras, three-dimensional front and rear for the models a number of smartphone makers in 2019, and the Sony stage production huge in the late summer to meet demand, according to the statements of Satoshi Yoshihara Satoshi Yoshihara, head of the sensors in Sony, who declined to provide sales targets or production, but he said that the sector sensors and three-dimensional works profitably, will affect the profits of the company for the fiscal year that begins in April.

Provide a positive view of the Sony sensor of the cameras three-dimensional optimism is strongly desired by industry sector global smartphone, which is suffering from the slowdown, where consumers find reasons of urgency to upgrade the hardware, and started the company which is based in Tokyo providing a set of software tools for developers outside so they can experience the chips and create the applications that generate models of faces or virtual items for use during online shopping.

Said Satoshi: “I brought the cameras a revolution in the phones, and based on what I saw, I have the same outlook for the cameras three-dimensional, despite the differing pace in different field, but we will definitely seeing the adoption of the cameras three-dimensional. I’m sure of it,” and Sony for about half the market of Chip of the camera, and many customers, including Apple TV have Samsung.

Intends to Huawei Technologies Chinese use Sony cameras, three-dimensional models of the next generation of its smart phones, and think Sony is the only company that manufactures computer chips, three-dimensional, where the company managed the competition Lumentum Holdings and STMicroelectronics to find a use for this chip like open phones through facial recognition or depth measurement to improve focus when capturing images at night.

Said Yoshihara the Sony technology different from the method your current chip existing, which no limits in terms of accuracy and distance, using Sony method called “time of flight” TOF, which sends pulses of laser invisible then assess the duration of the work, which it said create three-dimensional models more detailed and at a distance of five meters.

Cameras can be used TOF to create three-dimensional models developed characters and virtual objects that interact and navigate in real world environments and can be used in apps, games, augmented reality, and may involve other uses to add support gestures of the hand to move in certain games or applications.

Featuring models iPhone X and iPhone XS and XS Max and iPhone XR and iPad Pro 2018 camera TrueDepth front-end that supports the face recognition feature in addition to the emoji three-dimensional, said Yoshihara, he won’t be needed only to chip two three-dimensional forward and backward on the devices, despite a trend to have the makers of the devices by providing three cameras or more within the phones.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: iPhone may feature a camera background of the three-dimensional

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