Report: iPhone coming with a new design next year

Retain Apple designed the iPhone for years compared to competitors, but it seems that the focus in the industry iPhones 2020 will be a completely new design, unlike the iPhones 2019, which will focus on change the setting of the cameras.

Has reported that a source informed today that the lineup of the iPhone next year will come with the same screen size 5.8 and 6.06 and 6.4 inch, but all the screens will be of type OLED. He added that the change in design will be to get rid of the notes altogether.

It is reported that Apple is interested in three companies to provide a Olid of next year, the first Samsung, then LG وBOE Chinese. The source claims that the model is 5.8 and 6.4-inch will remain the most expensive, to enable their function to the most sophisticated integrated to the network instead of the traditional requesting a special layer the bottom of the screen which will use the model 6.1 inch relatively cheaper.

It is noteworthy that Apple encountered difficulties in the production of Face ID accuracy required for the units requirements, but the reports enable suppliers to reduce unit requirements, which will enable Apple to adopt a new design for the iPhone 2020.

Patent spotted several ways that you can get rid of the apple of the notes, including the young flukes to include the camera, including the integration of the sensor and the bottom of the screen, but the simplest solution is to integrate the sensor Face ID to the frame top, which would be easier with a screen OLED flexible, unlike the LCD used in the iPhone XR which was told that Apple TV suffered from the difficulties of the implementation of the note without light leakage from the bottom of the screen.

Perhaps the Touch feature three-dimensional (3D Touch) one of the reasons for the transition to the screen of the Olid, the alternative does not screen for iPhone XR do not enjoy the same level of efficiency.

Conclusion so, Apple plans a new design gets rid of the sheet without complications, maybe integrating the sensors to the frame top and a small portion of the top edge of the company, which can screens OLED flexible provided without getting rid of the distinctive functions like multi-touch three-dimensional, and that’s why it is said that the Apple TV will screen Olid all models of iPhone 2020.

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