Report – iPhone 2019 may support a Pencil, Apple Pencil!

Publish site Business Insider a new report citing company Citi Research Market Research claims that the phones iPhone, next the end of 2019, which will support Pencil Apple Pencil.

تقرير - هواتف آيفون 2019 قد تدعم قلم آبل Apple Pencil!

Report – iPhone 2019 may support a Pencil Apple Pencil!

The registry Apple TV or Apple Pencil first appeared with the first generation device iPad Pro 2015, then Apple launched the second generation of Pen Apple Pencil 2 in 2018 the past, and in general, this pen is designed to work on specific editions in the iPad series.

Support phones iPhone least Apple is available and has already been stated the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo so, also published also the site of The Investor of the Korean report earlier becomes in the same direction, but in any case remain unconfirmed rumors.

Do you represent pen to add the iPhone to?

Before answering this question let us first recall that the Pencil Apple Pencil is sold separately at a price of 99 dollars and only works on specific editions of the iPad so far.

There are several things that may make feature stylus support is a benefit of being sold separately, and also the likelihood of losing it or lost it because he believes the accessory Additional is separate from the iPhone, other than such as the series phones Galaxy Note that comes by built-in originally.

Who will seek them the right to provide that water are the owners of the iPad who have the pen already and they use it for writing or drawing upon, the ordinary user who wishes to acquisition the iPhone only I don’t think that he has not sufficient to buy accessory additional, such as the high cost and difficulty of pregnancy.

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