Report: explosion of the two phones to buy Samsung the inside of the car and check


Caused phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 2016 in a state of panic among users all over the world, after the incidents of servants repeated, which led to its withdrawal from the market and stop its production, and considered the technology company South Korea, and promised to conduct more tests that are conducted before the installation of the batteries in smart phones, but now has been reported about a similar case by the location of the WXYZ affiliate for ABC News.

The report cites a woman who claims she survived almost dying when she caught fire in two of its smart phones the quality of the Samsung Galaxy while driving, and in the video interview, the woman says that the flagship phoneSamsung Galaxy S8 andSamsung Galaxy S4 caught fire during the encounter her inside her car, but she managed to stop the car in time to escape, the video also shows the car burned.

It had happened quickly, where I started the fire in escalation, and urged passers-by to escape from the car, she said : “What if you’re on the highway stuck, and I couldn’t get out?”.

It was reported that Samsung sent a team to investigate, a police spokesman said : “we stand behind the quality and safety of the millions of Samsung phones in the United States, we are eager to conduct a full investigation in this matter so that we can examine all of the evidence, it is impossible to determine the real reason”.

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