Report: employment of illegal students in a Taiwanese factory in charge of the hours Apple TV

تقرير: عمالة غير قانونية للطلاب في المصنع التايواني المسئول عن ساعات آبلPublished a set of human rights “Sacom” a report on the source of Taiwan’s Quanta Computer is located in the city of Chongqing, in charge of manufacture, hours of the Apple; that he triggers hands from students illegally aged between 16-18 years, including more than 12 hours a day the system of the two states corresponding to additional also; with Leave weekly for one day only as the site of the Financial Times.

The group Sacom that the Taiwanese factory is responsible exclusive for the production of Apple Watches Series 1,2,4 in addition to being a factory key for Series 3, and was told Sacom that she met the 28 students last summer at the factory where they were working in the production line routinely.

According to the report, the students claim that their professors told them they couldn’t get rid of without doing this work; and the human rights group also demanded a specialist as soon as you fix the car his expression of his unwillingness to work the elevator to his teacher; who continues with his father and the time before that he needed his father eventually work there, while showing appreciation to the disciplines of most of the students away from the council website.

Said Apple in a letter to the Financial Times they achieve in relation to this report expressing not to help her take action contrary to the criteria the company will take quick actions in case of proof of any violation of the agreements accepted from the ” source”.

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