Report: Chinese merchants to reduce prices for cell phones for iPhone

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Baptized retailers and Chinese to reduce the prices of the latest phones the iPhone from Apple TV under the counter to sell devices, with the spread of the channel have Chinese consumers reports that the iPhone is not worth its cost amounts, this comes at a time that showed the iPhone a significant decline in its sales in China, the experts clarify that the prices are extremely high for the largest market for smartphones in the world and the innovative features in comparison with local competitors such as Huawei are the reason for it.

The Apple had approved earlier this month a decrease of their sales is not available in the Chinese market, due to their access to revenues worse than expected, the company said the Chinese retail Suning lowering of the price of the 128 GB iPhone XR of about 1036 to $ 858$, which means that provided up to $ 178, while the vendors of the third party devices at a cheaper price through sales presentations fast.

View one of the vendors, trying to sell large amounts of devices iPhone, version 256 GB from your iPhone XS Max for about 1436 dollars, a price less than the official sales price to the company of $ 1628 $ for this smartphone, however, this price is greater than the price of the device in the United States, where it is sold the same phone for a price 1249$, so according to the Apple web site.

The company Sunion has announced a discount in the amount of $ 100 to copy the 128 and 256 GB of iPhone XR and the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, which allow third parties to sell products, big discounts on all models of iPhone, the new, relate to the problems of Apple in China by a factor of two error on the pricing of its devices in the country, and its failure to offer features to excite consumers.

Explained Tim Cook Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, earlier this month that the decline in sales of the iPhone in China related to a slowdown in the Chinese economy and the growing trade tensions with the United States, experts said many of the company’s problems in China relating to the pricing, as the cost of the iPhone XS Max version 512 GB 1499 $ in the US, while costs in China amount to nearly $ 1,900.

It became clear that the iPhone XR, which is supposed to be the least expensive among the new models, too expensive for many Chinese consumers, who asked the company to pay an increase of 28 percent compared to the American buyers, and the Apple is the temptation of Chinese consumers by offering them a deal to sell the iPhone XR vs 651 $ if the client re-iPhone 7 Plus, which phone is two years old..

Said one of the consumers the price of new iPhones is too high, and that his current phone iPhone 7 still works well, and offers Chinese consumers the phones Huawei attracts them more than the Apple TV due to features and price along with being a local business, as explained by many users of Apple TV they may think the switch to Huawei if you don’t reveal the Apple for the copy of the supportive networks of the fifth generation 5G soon.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: Chinese merchants to reduce prices for cell phones for iPhone

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