Report: China behind a great hack base reservations Marriott chain

تقرير: الصين خلف الاختراق الكبير لقاعدة حجوزات سلسلة ماريوت

Reported by the report of the newer times to great hack that hit the Marriott chain, global access to the data of 500 million people was behind his campaign intelligence Chinese its goal the collection of information where the supervisor of the investigations that the inventors work for the Ministry of security of China, reminded the Press that in conjunction with the results of standing behind the hack says Court of Justice of America to report new indictments against competent teams working in the Chinese government.

In showed special investigation earlier that the tools used in piercing the base of the bookings and Marriott are the same that were used in the breakthroughs earlier by Chinese hackers, coincide the results of the investigations, which accuses China in a precarious situation between the two countries, especially in relation to trade and taxation to the Prohibition of the products of the companies as in the United States.

It has been a series of Mario World to impose its Starwood porous and grab the data of 500 million people last month, which included both the Sheraton and Westin Almeria and a number of other hotels and resorts that fall under the umbrella of Starwood, where it stated that some of that information includes data of credit card and expiry date.

In several cases the police to trace this incident claimed all those affected by the hack at an estimated cost reached in one case 12.5$ billion, perhaps, that the investigation was not in favor of Mario in order to avoid that compensation in the case of proof that the attack is systematic and targets directly without any failure!

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