Report : Britain to increase the screws on Huawei in Europe

مهرجان الجوال في سوق السعودية

تقرير : بريطانيا تزيد الخناق على هواوي في آوروباReport : Britain to increase the screws on Huawei in Europe.

Said the security source said that Britain would be the core parts of the internet, the fifth generation of Huawei electronics will also make the company suffered a giant Chinese with parts of non-core limited.

In response to these reports, a government spokesperson said on Wednesday the British experience ”review of the evidence-based“ supply chain network fifth-generation ”today and in the future.“

He added that the decisions of the Council of national security secret. ”Security and communications networks in the United Kingdom have the highest priority“.

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He continued, ”under our plans to provide a digital connection on a global level, including the fifth generation, we review the evidence-based supply chain to ensure the presence of base to provide a variety of secure today and in the future. It’s an extensive review of council complex and we will be their results in a timely manner.“

Huawei is the largest producer of communication devices in the world and under intense scrutiny after the United States informed its allies not to use Huawei’s technology because of the risk of taken a way the activities of the Chinese spy.

Reported The Daily Telegraph newspaper that Britain would come Huawei with Network Limited.

Tom said the directives of the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the British Parliament that is extremely difficult to distinguish between what is essential and what is non-essential in Generation V because of the way that establishes by the network.

Added radio the British Broadcasting Corporation (me.Me.Car) ”continues to raise concerns… the definition of core and non-core is very difficult in the fifth generation“.

He continued, ”being (the fifth generation) a shift from a system of faster internet to System Internet can really profit between everything, so be the distinction between core and non-core is much harder“.

And in a quasi-other, the arms race days of the Cold War, the United States is concerned that the dominance of the fifth generation will be a global such as China, the preference is not Washington, is ready to provide.

And Western experts in the field of technology the fifth-generation revolutionary technology will allow speed internet is much greater and will become the cornerstone for many industries and companies.

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