Report – Apple use end support iTunes on systems, MacOS coming soon!

According to the latest reports, which reported many information pages and news, the Apple TV can terminate the application support iTunes in the next updates, as revealed leaks system update next to the apps: Music and Podcast and TV وBooks will all be standalone apps available in the next major version of the operating system MacOS 10.15 !

آبل تستعد لإنهاء دعم iTunes على انظمة MacOS قريباً

Apple can finish the support for iTunes on systems MacOS soon

Those applications that were part of the application to the iTunes main Apple devices will be presented independently in the next versions, making the need to program iTunes is of no value.

Reports indicate that the new applications this will depend mainly on the initiative of the Marzipan from the Apple TV to bring apps to iPad iPad to Mac Mac without a lot of changes in the code, where the Seeking of the Apple clearly paid apps Marzipan with rules of the state participation as a large part of the strategy for the operating system MacOS the base, to make the operating system MacOS is compatible with the operating system iOS, which contains the custom applications to all these jobs for years.

This will be a step very logical by Apple, then iTunes old (according to the current programs), the process of dividing it that will allow Apple to create more modern designs in applications without the constraints imposed by the current format for the application.

Finally, this step is still not official yet, is expected to say Apple applied for an appropriate period of time for existing users, may be a year or less.

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