Report : Apple to the replacement of the 11 million cards for iPhone in 2018

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تقرير : آبل قامت باستبدال 11 مليون بطارية آيفون في 2018Report : Apple to the replacement of the 11 million cards for iPhone in 2018

In the analysis of week decline of stock of the company, and lower revenues in general over the past quarter, the last and the next, and Tim Cook said in a television talk show prior to the draft replacement batteries phones faith at a cheap price, it was one of the reasons of this decline .

The Apple has launched a project to replace batteries, phones days after I detected that the company learn to slow down some models of its phones old not to ruin their batteries, causing malfunction batteries some models of the faith such as the iPhone 6 and 6 s .

In WoT software : Apple provides a battery replacement phones iPhone 6 s corrupted in Egypt

This project fired by Apple until the end of 2018 and allow it to change the battery of one of the Apple stores or their authorized dealers at a price of $ 29 instead of $ 79.

A new report this week indicates that Apple has replaced up to 11 million cards for iPhone in 2018, a big jump from the usual expectations that revolved around the replacement of one million to two million card only.

That might refer also to a large part of customer base the company decided not to move to a newer device and choose to replace the battery on the current device instead, which means the statements of Tim Cook .

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