Report: Apple to invest more than $ 500 million to the success of service games Arcade

Reported by the news report that the company Apple is investing heavily to the success of a subscription service in new games “Apple Arcade” Apple Arcade, with a total payment by the company to date; to provide for 100 the game available upon launch of the service, more than 500 million USD.

She said the newspaper “Financial Times”, citing informed sources on the subject: the Apple implementation, or spent several million dollars to secure the development of each game’s stomach; to be available at launch, and it is likely that total spending on Arcade to the more than half a million dollars.

The newspaper added that Apple offered the publishers of the games and additional incentives if they agree to provide new versions of their games on the Arcade for a few months, before being made available on competing platforms. This will continue the strategy after the launch of the Arcade, as the company promised that the organization access to new games and exclusive on a regular basis.

The Apple TV has been announced for the Arcade in a special event in the month of March last, a service to broadcast the games, where it will be available later this year on iOS and Mac OS of the Apple TV, so for a monthly fee allows participants access to a range of possible games that we developed all of the publishers, and studios for the independent.

Expected to provide service to Arcade games of famous brands, such as: “Cartoon Network” Cartoon Network, Disney, and the”Sega” Sega. This; you will see your Studios emerging, such as: “Vaastu” ustwo, and”Annapurna” Annapurna, in the project with the help of Apple TV. According to the report, the Apple developers are offering funds exceed the cost of creating an independent game.

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Referred to as that Apple has come to rely too much on the services sector, after the decline of the growth of the sector gear, and services that the Arcade, which will compete in the gaming market the most promising, which enticed Google to advertise in the month of last March from a subscription service to games similar to Arcade, is the “state” Stadia.

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