Report – Apple thinking about a new design for the iPhone without a note!

Apple will redesign the iPhone beginning next year, according to a new report by the newspaper ET News NEWS Korean. The report pointed out that the development team iPhone have the Apple TV will completely abandon LCD screens to be all versions carrier for screens OLED.

تقرير - آبل تفكر في تصميم جديد للآيفون بدون نوتش!

Report – Apple thinking about a new design for the iPhone without a note!

Further to the above, the focus of Apple’s platform will focus on the removal of the extrusion top of the company “notes” just like you do a lot of companies Android competition currently in one form or another.

Companies that will provide the Apple TV to the network of the future include Samsung and LG and possibly other companies. And in front of them, according to the report, is the implementation of the plans of Apple to talk about “notes” and that included a system of TrueDepth camera technology to identify the face behind the screen, and a single hole for the front camera.

If Apple decided to abandon notes entirely, it also means that they will not necessarily abandon LCD screens for reasons related to the requirements of the new design, so the companies like Japan Display, which supplies Apple’s LCD screens for phones such as the iPhone XR began to equip itself for the loss of Apple as a customer is important in the future according to the Wall Street Journal reported.

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