Report: Apple paid $ 6 billion for development with Qualcomm

Reports indicate that the company Apple has paid between 5 billion and 6 billion dollars as part of a settlement with the company Qualcomm, according to analyst Timothy are Timothy Arcuri, from the company UBS UBS Investment Bank, in a research note provided to investors.

The companies, Apple and Qualcomm have reached an agreement sudden end to know their legal earlier this week, and the price of Qualcomm shares more than 38 percent since the leak, she added $ 30 million to its market value.

Included registration payment for one of the by Apple to Qualcomm, andon spite of the unwillingness of the Apple and Qualcomm to detect the value of the payment, however, analysts are now trying to figure out the details of the transaction.

According to the report: it has kept the Apple TV and its suppliers and payments for licenses, patents, Qualcomm, which are valued probably in excess of $ 7 billion.

It is likely that Apple has also agreed to pay between $ 8 and $ 9 fee patent for each iPhone, come UBS estimates based on guidance from Qualcomm, which expects to rise earnings per share by $ 2 as a result of development.

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Explains UBS estimates that Apple paid dearly to end her legal fight bitter with Qualcomm, which stretched across multiple continents, threatened their ability to launch the iPhone supportive networks of the fifth generation iPhone 5G.

As of March these legal battles put pressure on the business model of licenses to Qualcomm, which helps more than half of the earnings of the chip manufacturer.

The two companies said the settlement includes a one-time payment, in addition to the supply agreement chip: six years, renewable, which proposes the use of an iPhone in the future chip modem Qualcomm.

Analyst and Timothy are to pay the one-time financial likely to be to repay previous payments, which Apple had stopped payment when I started the two companies to fight legal battles.

Recall that in the case of predictions, paying Apple between $ 8 and $ 9 fee for every iPhone, this is an increase compared to the amount of $ 7.50, paid by the former manufacturer iPhone to Qualcomm for every phone sold.

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