Report: Apple may resort to manufacture components of iPhones outside of China due to tax

In the midst of the economic tensions between China and the United States and declarations of the successive by the United States administration on the subject of raising taxes on Chinese products, which include electronic chips, and many of the debates that we have witnessed during the last period of the reactions of the Chinese and even US technology companies, a report for Bloomberg thinking of the Apple in many of the scenarios in the case of escalated economic war with China to avoid falling into the trap of taxes.

Company for manufacturing most of the components of the iPhone in partnership with several companies in China and in the shadow of the intention of President Donald Trump raise the value of the taxes which will apply the components of phones to 25% You will have to find alternatives to avoid those taxes, it has previously worked with a number of manufacturers of the chip outside the Chinese border in the case of a high tax as Wistron the Taiwanese that built its factory in India and produced the iPhone SE as progress then, as that company is Foxconn the final folder for the step is similar to building a factory in Brazil in 2011, however, the process didn’t see the fact that the prices were exorbitant for the market and consumer Brazil, this aspect could be a possible scenario may not Apple TV in the future.

According to Bloomberg, it’ll probably be Apple on its supply chain as it is even in the case of the imposition of United States of 10% on the phones coming from China, but taking things for granted and our other in case of tax reached 25% Has forced it on the output of another country far away from China, and the United States itself. the last thing announced by the company from the expansion sets to its in the country this may be an option to study at her table; and to avoid the tax but will not come out of the door of the high cost of manufacturing, to say the least, which means the high price of the iPhone in the US market!

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