Report – Apple Live Life iPhone X from New!

After the announcement of the phones iPhone three new last September, Apple stopped manufacturing iPhone X, although its sales successful now, according to press reports, will set Apple iPhone X for life and manufacture it and sell it again!

تقرير - آبل تعيد الحياة لهاتف آيفون X من جديد!
Report – Apple Live Life iPhone X from New!

Why would he come back iPhone X Life?

Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other news organizations honored talking about the weak sales of phones iPhone, new: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR pushing Apple to reduce its production.

In return, I started the Apple TV re-manufactured version of last year’s iPhone X after you stop it and pull it gradually from its stores despite continuing to sell phones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus at cheaper prices.

Apple does not purchase contracts with suppliers of parts and components for the iPhone and that its contracts trade with Samsung to supply screen OLED is therefore on Apple to sell a minimum of phones iPhones to meet those contracts, it seems that phones the new iPhone did not reach its sales to the extent required so Apple decided to go back to re-production and sale of iPhone X in parallel with the phones to the new iPhone.

Apple reduced the prices of iPhone XR

He was scheduled to be an iPhone XR more phones iPhone selling this year, especially with its price is the cheapest compared to the rest of the releases, amounting to about US $ 750, but sales are disappointing, especially in Chinese markets which were back to Apple, so Apple decided to reduce its price in some markets such as Japan, and perhaps this reduction includes other markets in the near future.

User: what do you think in re Apple production of the iPhone X?

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