Report – Apple is working on a small version of the iPhone as the iPhone XE this specs!

IPhone SE screen four-inch was released about 3 years and then announced the Apple officially stop production in 2018 without any signs of launch another version of it with the market trend to increase the screen size at the expense of dialogue.

صورة متخيلة لشكل الآيفون صغير الحجم iPhone XE

Image of the specialized shape of the iPhone small iPhone XE

A long time ago, and the rumors revolving around the new version of the Mini from the iPhone to replace the iPhone SE and cater to even opt to appear again, and the days with conferences Apple TV statements press without any signal for the coming of the successor to iPhone SE screen small.

The latest reports rekindle hope for those who are waiting for the iPhone screen relatively small with the specification of the characteristic and the price is acceptable, where the published site PC Tablet report, citing a source familiar with the company Foxconn – the exclusive partner of Apple in the manufacture of the iPhone – the report mentioned that Apple is currently working on a new version of the iPhone SE you will get the name of the iPhone XE.

Also according to the report coming Phone iPhone XE alleged design phones new iPhone with extrusion upper for my “notes” with the technique of Face ID and a back cover of aluminum as it was in the past, and will measure its screen is 4.8 inch and the type of OLED.

Phone iPhone XE will come with a processor A12 Bionic user in the iPhone XS and XR, and for the camera you’ll be like camera iPhone XR unilateral 12-megapixel with lens F/1.8 as claimed to change.

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