Report – Apple intend to change the design of phones, the iPhone completely next year!

Introduced Apple TV won’t this year phones iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max which is substantially similar to versions of last year’s XS XS Max XR increased by the rear camera in the form of a square prominent.تقرير - آبل تنوي تغيير تصميم هواتف الآيفون كلياً العام القادم!

Note the relatively large stability of the design for more than two years since the iPhone as well as the design of the rear camera alien didn’t like a lot to some, especially the form of the camera, which has become an object of ridicule and development. All of this is pushing Apple right now to seriously think about to change the design of the iPhone in its current form.

The design of the iPhone 4 Redux

According to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple TV will use again the design of the iPhone 4 on the one hand the metal frame on the sides to the nearest corner of the menu with the curvature of the lower.

لاحظ الإطار المعدني في آيفون 4Notice the metal frame in for iPhone 4

Also expected to say the Apple TV depending on the Glass sapphire, high durability with reduced size notes and updated technology Face ID. All these changes will lead to changes at the level of the external shape of and also increase the toughness and degree of control, but that will come at a cost more to manufacture.

Other changes expected also in phones iPhone next year to support the 5G after its acquisition on the development of a modem connection to the mobile devices in the Intel and judiciary with Qualcomm.

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