Report: Apple announces its earnings and sales of the iPhone x next Thursday


Investors await the quarterly earnings report, which will be about Apple officially next Thursday, because it will be the first indicator to see how successful the iPhone x which put his company for sale in the markets at a starting price of $ 999 last November, will be a closer look also for Apple’s earnings in a year through 2018 ongoing.

رئيس شركة أبلThe head of Apple

“Dan live” Forum magazine “GBH” if there is panic hit investors when it revealed the recent reports that Apple has reduced their requests from suppliers in Asia, which indicates that shipments in March of the iPhone will be without the projections, while considered “Ives” that Apple will announce strong results in the quarter ended in December last, driven by shipments of iPhone stronger-than-expected, in addition to higher average selling prices.

Sales of the iPhone

Expects estimates of the “Wall Street” is currently that Apple will achieve nearly $ 68 million in sales during the first three months of 2018, with shipments of about 62 million units of the iPhone, but this comes amid fears of low turnout on the purchase of new hardware, these concerns prompted yet Apple shares to decline about 5%.

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