Report: Amazon owns two-thirds of the aid market voice in the United States to 2018

تقرير: أمازون تملك ثلثي سوق المساعدات الصوتية في الولايات المتحدة لعام 2018

According to a report from eMarketer estimates that Amazon ranks first in the United States in the aid market audio where the number of users of the space audio 66.6% of the total number of users Year by a poll of the company, at a time when the increasing popularity of the use of the aid of voice increased by 15% to become the number users are about 74 million in the United States accounting for 24% of the total population in the state.

Speaking of which, the market share of other companies accounted using the assistance of Google Voice for the year 29.5% and obtained the remaining 8.3% between the products of other companies, predicted eMarketer in its report loss Amazon rate typically cover two-thirds of this market with its products for the first time next year; where it will be in encounter its products Google at Home Mini and Home Hub in a direct challenge to Amazon eco Dot and Xu, in addition to the HomePod from Apple, Facebook, Portal is of recent origin will be in the yard competition.

The forecast report to copy the groups to use the most popular aid for 2019 are as follows: listening to music and other tracks is the dominant category increased by 79.8%, followed by questions and inquiries via directed questions to Assistant by 73% and the climb has been increased by 37.1% and the mechanism to use components of the smart home in fourth place by 34.5%, where projections show the ratio of water use or category of the proportion of users overall.

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