Report – Apple will focus on solving the problems of the system in iOS 12 !

If we ask the users of iPhone and iPad about the level of their satisfaction about the system iOS 11, will confirm Friday that most system problems and disorders compared to the versions previously in the past, that Apple understands this and has plans strategy about this task, and the system, and this year we’ll see the iOS version 12, so what’s the plan for Apple TV?

تقرير - آبل ستركز على حل مشكلات النظام في iOS 12 !

Report – Apple will focus on solving the problems of the system in iOS 12 !

We informed you earlier that you and the semi-weekly will receive details about the next version of iOS 12, through analytical reports, or shopping are manifold, and today we have with us new details about this version.

New representations: the concentration of Engineers Apple on performance, then performance !

Waiting for a lot of reports about the poor performance of the iOS system 11, in particular on older devices, and with the emergence of the problem of the battery in the iPhones of old, this helped solidify the idea of the existence of significant problems in the system, The impact on his reputation and the reputation of Apple.

Apple can afford to these reports, and actually, the plan as shown by the new reports to make the next version this year, and iOS 12 is more stable, so that the focus on the performance of the system is the first priority of the company.

As usual it will be first official on the development of the operating system Craig Federighi, who along with his team would be keen to ensure greater stability for iOS 12, to provide fast updates when necessary.

But wouldn’t it add Apple TV any new advantages?

In a previous report, we responded that we won’t see any new features in the iOS version 12, based on earlier sources, but now with the new report, the iOS version 12 comes with some advantages, mostly advantages of earlier developers, such as the development of: feature do not disturb, the development of the notification system, the development of control feature of the battery, and the development of the advantages of Siri, and of course improved Safari performance of many other applications.

But we will not share any of the advantages of the revolutionary new like to modify the interface of the system and its design, and does not add split screen effectively on the iPad and other benefits until next year with the iOS version 13.

Are these reports verified?

Yet; these reports are available, which makes it the closest to it is definite, it is true that the lack of the advantages of a new in the next version iOS 12 will be disappointing, as will users years another coupled with the advantages of old, but it can sacrifice that if within the user get the performance level of the system is free of significant problems, and updates quickly.

Does it bother you not to get new features in iOS 12’s?

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