Report – Apple is working on the development of new versions of headphones AirPods more important!

According to a new report cited in the site Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on the development of a new version of the headphones AirPods wireless, and will be announced later in the year 2018 ongoing.

تقرير: آبل تعمل على تطوير إصدارات جديدة من سماعات AirPods بمزايا مهمة!

Report: Apple is working on the development of new versions of headphones AirPods more important!

According to the report, Apple intends to update the components of the headphones AirPods wireless like the rest of their other organs, and have got the website Bloomberg, citing a source inside Apple on some of the features of this new version of headphones AirPods.

Headphones AirPods new to 2018 would come at the rate of a new product that allows users to activate the voice assistant Siri through the voice command “Hey, Siri” devices such as the iPhone from not having to press twice on the speakers to get to Siri as is the case in the current version.

سماعات AirPods سيصبح لها القدرة على الاستجابة للأوامر الصوتية

Headphones AirPods will be no ability to respond to voice commands.

Also working currently on making headphones AirPods water-resistant and spray and rain to prevent damage when exposed inadvertently to any form of water, note that the current versions of the headphones AirPods found the trade they can handle water to a depth of one foot (30 cm) for 5 minutes and it work normally after you wash it with clothes, without deliberately. The water resistant feature may come this year or in the second version the next year.

Also the Apple TV last year to register a patent for your shipment, with AirPods to make it waterproof and also to make them able to charge the iPhone and Apple watch.

Headphones AirPods wireless advertised the first time in 2016 in conjunction with the announcement of the iPhone 7 as one of the solutions provided by Apple to bypass the removal of the headphone port, and have achieved clear sales high reached 14 million units according to estimates by some analysts to become the accessory (accessory) the best-selling Apple TV and expects to double sales this year, and in the case of an event that will exceed the profits of headphones AirPods what you earn apple of her watch smart.

The date of the announcement of the new generation of headphones AirPods is unknown, but it may be next month if Apple decided to establish a conference to announce the iPad, or in the month of September when you announced phones the iPhone this year, and that would be probably the same price as the sky of the current and the 160$.

What advantages would you like to see in the new version of the headphones AirPods for?

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