Report – a list of the most dangerous smart phones in terms of radiation best !

We continue to offer informative articles to better use our phones smart, today with us and explain the task to include all smartphones, according to users and protects them from health risks, our conversation today about radiation of phones, especially when conducting conversations, and details in our article.

قائمة أخطر الهواتف الذكية من حيث الإشعاعات وأفضلها !

The list of the most dangerous smart phones in terms of radiation best !

The words of an old stripper: smart phones emit radiation dangerous !

Really, who hasn’t heard that argument? If you haven’t heard of it previously, be aware that scientists are still yet different on the issue of the existence of a relationship between phones and know the human body, the user does not for some of the radiation that is not the role of the negative on the human body.

But in the end all scientists agree on the existence of these effects, but differ in women that may cause problems with health, or in case no body sequentially; it may cause him health problems also, and in the end the existence of this radiation from smart phones and even other devices real, not just a fairy tale technology.

What is the radiation produced by cell phones?

Is radiation is electromagnetic, and is measured in a scientific way specific, which is what is known as the Specific absorption rate and Victory in SAR, or SAR, so that this radiation of waves that communicate between the phones, when someone makes a phone call, the phone provides the request from the service provider, of course goes the request to the nearest cell tower, which in turn sends it to the Processor to contact your company to connect with the nearest Tower for the future.

مخطط الاتصال بين الهواتف وأبراج الاتصال

The scheme of connection between phones and towers contact

These rays according to studies, proved to be increase the heat of the head, and of course be that while making calls, of course, the more time you make these calls, the greater the risk of exposure to electromagnetic waves, and the following confirms:

تأثير الموجات الكهرومغناطيسية على درجة حرارة الرأس - الصورة على اليمين تؤكد زيادة الحرارة بعد 15 دقيقة استخدام للهاتف

The effect of electromagnetic waves on the temperature of the head – the image on the right confirms the increasing heat after 15 minutes to use the phone

Previous image describes the increased temperature of head after using the phone for 15 minutes, the picture on the left, confirming the absence of this heat such as the use of the phone and make the call through the mentioned cities.

Knowing that the body’s absorption of this radiation varies from person to person, but the main difference is based on the age, the more a person is greater, the less this absorption, but whenever a smaller increased absorption, and the following illustrate this:

اختلاف تأثير الموجات الهاتفية على الإنسان بحسب العمر

The abduction of the influence of telephony on the human age

Knowing this, States vary in determining version which is serious, for example, in America, select the version to 1.6 watts per kg, whereas in Europe it has been identified at about 2.0 watts per kg, and always the Federal Communications Commission does not provide permit commercial use if the phone was emitting radiation greater than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

According to the foregoing, it will be to you as a user and choose a phone that emits the least possible amount of these rays, and of course the manufacturers of these phones operate on the reduced, and results differ from one company to another and from one phone to another.

What are the best and worst phones in terms of the power of radiation !

This is the important part, you want to get a secure phone, don’t move only on the technical advantages of known as processor and strong battery security, but be sure also to know the proportion of radiation released, known as the SAR.

More recently, the foundation statista research released its report about the order of the worst 15 phone famous in terms of issuing radiation, and following clarification of the installation:

Obviously, the first phone in the list is the OnePlus 5T, followed by a series phones, Huawei has stated in the menu phone the iPhone 7, and even Apple’s new iPhone 8, installation of phones in terms of the emission of the rays visible in the picture.

The best smart phones in terms of twice the ratio of the radiation released is in the following picture:

It is clear that Samsung has won this battle to the side of the Sony Corporation through one of its phones, while Samsung most phones and leading them succeeded in reducing the emission of radio frequency absorbed by the human body exports.

As well as Google, Motorola, and LG as well as Motorola and China’s ZTE, all this makes the phones comfortable while using them to talk or to use for long periods, resulting in a ratio of radiation less, as I have already explained.

There is no telephone in the previous list, How do I know the ratio of radiation about?

The previous list included the months phones the most widespread in the market, and of course there are hundreds of other phones, simply so you know the degree of the emission of electromagnetic radiation from your phone, browse the use manual supplied with the device, which the company and the clarification of women, and written before it: Specific absorption rate, or as the SAR.

In case you don’t have the official Guide for your phone, you can search in the Internet, or visit the official website of the company and to your phone, or texting to make sure the ratio of radiation released.

Some companies offer a special page, this page Apple products, also you can visit the page of Samsung products, only enough to identify the model of your device, teach you the details of radiation.

Important tips you should follow with your smartphones:

  • Don’t talk on the phone without the need.
  • Remove the phone from your head 10 mm at least.
  • Use headphones to avoid exposure to this radiation.
  • Do not use your phone in front of electronic devices other so as not to increase the proportion of radiation.
  • If the signal is weak, avoid making calls, the proportion of the radiation will increase more.
  • Give your kids from using phones for a long time.
  • Switch off your phone in the case didn’t need to.
  • Do not put your phone or any device you electronic in your bedroom.

In the latter, companies are still working well in order to provide a safe technique, and when that meal adhere to the tips of the former, and minimize the risk of, prevention is better than cure.

Did you know these information before? What is your phone and what is the ratio of the radiation emanating about?

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