Renders of the Galaxy A6 and A6+ cases “confirmed” their main difference?


Alleged renders of the Galaxy A6 and A6+ additionally “confirmed” some of the trending features, which Samsung is likely to please many fans of their mobile devices soon. Both smartphones will make a pleasant impression with their displays and have been for many years the usual audio Jack. Camera two the Samsung devices will significantly differ from each other.

Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6

In the near future the market leader in smartphones — Samsung — will feature two new devices — Galaxy A6 and A6+. In recent months, the Network has repeatedly reported about these smart phones, so many users already have some idea of what was going on. A new message based on that the images of the case for not yet presented devices, was reviewed on the resource page in the picture note Vasile Cosmin (Cosmin Vasile).

As further reported, the software new smartphones Galaxy A will be based on the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo, which was released developing the most popular mobile software platform from Google in 2017.

Trending features of the Galaxy A6, and A6+. The Infinity display and dual camera in one of the devices

Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6+

The models will characteristic a number of very interesting features, including dual camera located on the rear panel (in one of the yet to be announced models), and displays Infinity. Based on the rumors the renderings of the Galaxy A6 and A6+ appeared on the Network yet not last week. But this time it is believed that the resulting images are the official images of the cover. This “leak” gives users the opportunity to make a more complete impression of the upcoming release of the Samsung new smart phones Galaxy A.

The considered image contain important information. Looking at them, it becomes clear that none of the models that only have to see the light, you will not have a physical Home button. It seems likely that the main camera Galaxy A6+ will double, while the Galaxy A6 will be equipped with a conventional camera based on a single sensor.

Many users will welcome the fact that in the Galaxy A6 and A6+ are 3.5 mm audiojack. The absence of these usual connectors in many modern smartphones do not cause delight. The considered devices can be on sale in the European market in may 2018. Galaxy A6 is likely to have 3 gigabytes of RAM, and the Galaxy A6+ — chetyrehyarusny RAM.

On what chipsets will be based Galaxy A6 and A6+?

Chipset of new generation smartphones Galaxy Exynos A6 can be a 7870, which was announced in February 2016 and reviewed in a published resource note Ben R. (Ben R.).

As is widely known, in addition to chipsets that offer vendors of mobile devices, such well-known companies as Qualcomm and MediaTek, there are other hardware platforms for smartphones. These include the Exynos chipset of its own design Samsung. Exynos 7 Octa is the 7870 chipset with OCTA-core CPU made in accordance with the 14-nanometer process. The GPU of this chipset is the Mali-T830.

According to the previously appearing in the Network and dealt with the assumptions, model Galaxy A6+ can be expressed in the chipset, which is based on the device. As a likely mobile hardware platform Galaxy A6+ called Snapdragon 625, equipped with OCTA-core CPU and Adreno 506. It is possible that the chipsets, which will become the basis for the “iron” new devices from Samsung, will depend on the market in which it will offer smartphones.

Subprimary line, Galaxy A8, Samsung already represented in 2018

Line Galaxy A enjoys considerable popularity. This range of smartphones from Samsung refers to the middle price category. One of the features of line is that the South Korean tech giant produces smartphones with the same names. The only difference is in the year of the smartphone and, of course, in the hardware and software features, which every year become more and more impressive.

The smartphones in this series, Galaxy A8 (from 5.6-inch display, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB built-in storage) and A8+ (with a 6-inch screen, 6 GB of RAM and built-in storage capacity of 64 gigabytes), have already debuted this year. However, their announcement took place in December last year. For Galaxy A8 in common a number of features that make it similar to the Galaxy S8. We are talking about more than screens of conventional smartphones, Infinity Display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

To discuss the future of the Galaxy A6 and A6+ and the other is running Android, the devices, which are on the market are a great many, readers in the Telegram chat.

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