Renault will equip the island of Porto Santo with an energy storage system from old batteries

Tesla's success in electrifying certain countries and regions inspired similar accomplishments and some competitors of the company. The other day the concern Renault presented its own project of an electrified island, which will be fully provided with electricity at the expense of "clean" energy, – evmode reports.

Wind and solar power plants produce electricity only if there is light and wind, so the generated energy will need to be accumulated. To this end, the automotive concern will supply household power storage units of its own in Porto Santo. They use used batteries from electric vehicles. The properties of these drives are somewhat worse than those of similar devices from other manufacturers, but they are much cheaper than the drives offered by competitors.

In addition, Renault will provide residents with 20 electric vehicles 14 ZOE and 6 Kangoo ZE, which will be charged using a specially designed "smart" system and only in those hours when there is an excess of electricity in the network. The island itself is very small, so the locals are unlikely to be able to fully consume the battery. Surplus can be returned to the network if necessary, for example, during peak hours.

The project has already been approved by the authorities of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, together with which the automaker plans to realize its idea. Electrify the island of Porto Santo, whose area is 42 square kilometers, which is home to about five thousand inhabitants.

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