Rename the application One + Gestures with the advent of his gestures, a new and more

When Apple announced the phone “iPhone X”, the company has created a property of gestures to “scroll” instead of a click operation, and after that we saw this property with the Android version 9.0, and whether you liked it or not, the development of the document to the gestures will be the next way to browse our smartphones, where at the moment there are dozens of applications that come with gestures, and of course some are better than others, and you chose the one you’ll choose One + Gestures, which is the best on Android.

And at first glance, you might think that the app supports phones “OnePlus”, but it’s the opposite, where supports all Android phones, on the other hand, got the app recently update to the New raise of number issued to One + Gestures 2.0, which has been renamed the app to Vivid Navigation Gestures, and other things stylish is represented in three additions key.

First, is the ability to identify the gestures on the sides of the left / right side of the screen, the second tide of new types of gestures with the aim of more customization, the third and final addition is a black list for applications.

When diving in this new version, and specifically in the tab main page, you can determine how to process the application, including the height of the activation area to influence the visual elements of the power controller and black list for applications, as it has this tab alone on a lot to recognize them, so we recommend that you take the time to check each option to modify gestures as you wish.

The next tab is gestures, which is the place where you can determine the what, where, and by default, there are five active zones, three along the bottom and one on the bottom of every aspect of the screen, and you can decide what is active and what is not.

Finally you will find the application of Vivid Navigation Gestures available for download at the price of 0.99$ for a limited time, to be its usual price is 1.50$, which of course is not so much on the application of the benefits and advantages are great.

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