Ren Neener: Bitcoin hasn’t found its bottom

Founder OnChain Capital Ren Neiner predicts another drop in Bitcoin, according to CNBC. Neiner sure what to expect sharp price reversal crypts in the near future is not worth it.

The fall of Bitcoin will continue

Bitcoin fell below $ 7,000 on Sunday. Now the main cryptocurrency is trading at $ 6500. Recall, this is the lowest price of digital asset over the past two months. In an interview with CNBC Neiner called a few key levels which should be observed by all traders.

Our next goal is 6250 dollars. If Bitcoin falls below $ 5900. But the reduction to $ 5,000 we will be able to see a considerable stir among the big miners. It is possible that the industry of mining coins can change due to the hard conditions of profitability of the business.

Neiner also reminded that the cryptocurrency market is still in the very beginning of his career. And although now to break the protracted bearish trend is very difficult to invest in the crypt are worth if you rely on a good profit in the long run.

Imagine if you use the Internet before the invention of the traditional browsers. People are still worried about the pair of hacked exchanges. That is a necessity in the industry with a market capitalization of $ 300 billion.

But day traders better try your luck in other assets. Now Bitcoin is not very attractive for short term trading due to the large number of manipulations in the market.

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