Remove the gallery application QuickPic from the store Google Play

إزالة تطبيق المعرض QuickPic من متجر قوقل بلايFor many years it was the application QuickPic on your Favorite many of the Android users, as it is lightweight and its speed and effectiveness as well as make it free and full and contains unique features, in another theme and in 2015 the application was purchased by the company Cheetah Mobile, then. police confirmed repeatedly that it will not make application entitled to any income by using ads.

But after the mega-disaster for the company last month, select the application QuickPic now from the store Google Play, and anyone who doesn’t know the case, where he was arrested on a Cheetah in a huge line to click fraud, which made Google take some of its applications such as File Manager CM and CM Locker, Battery Doctor and restarted at a later time.

Finally, whether Cheetah Mobile which removed QuickPic or Google, the end result is the same, as there is something to do with QuickPic, and you must not use the app, so we recommend that you remove the app immediately and get a better alternative, not only this, but removing all the apps Cheetah on your smartphone.

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