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Won’t be the release date of iPhone 11, until September next, but there are already a lot of interest in the new phone from the “Apple” and what may surprise us later this year, where it will be the new iPhone offers more possibilities than the iPhone XS that produced by the “Apple TV” recently.

However, with the news that the company “Apple” does not sell as many iPhones as in the past, perhaps he can your iPhone 11 RE-sales because the price is reasonable which may make the company “Apple” for the phone, it is expected to be the release date of iPhone XI on September 10 next.

After launching three iPhones in 2018, we expect to devote to the company “Apple” the same path this year with the iPhone XI which is likely to launch alongside iPhone 11 Max iPhone 11 R.

What are the features available for the iPhone 11?

  • Three cameras wallpaper
  • 5.8-inch screen
  • Battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh
  • Will raise the front camera to a 10 mega pixels unlike the front cameras found in the iPhone’s current “7 megapixel”
  • Rear camera 14 mega pixel camera along with other 10 mega pixel camera

What is the expected design of the phone is new?

There are some sources close to the company “Apple”, says that the design will be as follows:

موعد إصدار وسعر ومميزات هاتف iPhone 11 iPhone 11موعد إصدار وسعر ومميزات هاتف iPhone 11 the iPhone 11

This photograph shows three cameras in a central area on the back of the phone, as it seems that the back of the phone is made of glass as we expect, while the front retains with a”note” from your iPhone XS, we’ve seen this design rumored for the second time so far, so it can be true.

There is another source confirms that this design is available for iPhone 11 new:

موعد إصدار وسعر ومميزات هاتف iPhone 11 iPhone XIموعد إصدار وسعر ومميزات هاتف iPhone 11 iPhone XI

So what is design flour?Where said one of the sources said that all design is being evaluated by the “Apple TV”, so I may be getting rid of one of them in the end, or may be used them, or maybe we won’t see any of them.

What is the average price لـiPhone 11th?

Then before you know it Apple TV price iPhone 11 official, we know it’s going to be a lot, where the “Apple” بإطلاقiPhone XS iPhone X at a starting price of $ 999 (£999, the 5179$), we can see the identical price for iPhone XI.

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