Release date iPhone 11 highlighted its advantages, according to the newspaper The Sun of the British

Think newspaper The Sun, the British that they have reached the date of the issuance of iPhone 11 before the announcement. According to the newspaper report has been displayed a complete guide to all the news and leaks of the iPhone 11, including hints from the experts about the specifications and the developer that we can stop it.

What is the iPhone and 11?

the iPhone 11 is what we call the next phone from Apple, and its release at the end of the year 2019.

I know of

The newspaper says: “refer to our information indicates that the phone device will be based directly on models of the iPhone last year, is likely to enjoy with the specifications of the powerful, the camera is amazing, and the design of luxury”.

But there is a complication about the name: what do you call a phone that follows my phone iPhone XS or iPhone XR?

Symbolizes the letter “X” to the number 10, so expecting people to protects your phone product name for iPhone XI or iPhone 11, but we won’t know for sure until you believe Apple’s official statement, this will not happen for some time.

The date of the issuance of the iPhone 11

Apple is governed by the General Assembly, the pick up pattern is evident in the versions of iPhones every year. I always held a large conference to announce a version of the phone in September, and often during the first days of the month, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Based on this, I recommend the dates for the conference of Apple this year is Tuesday, September 10 or Wednesday 11 September. And, of course, won’t get iPhone to follow up on the announcement of its release, it will be on the public wait for almost a week and a half before you start buying.

The specification of the iPhone 11 and its advantages

The newspaper said: “We are still some distance away from the launch of the iPhone 11, so the recording of a few”. It is likely that there will be an accumulation of news about iPhone 11 in the summer immediately after the completion of the design of the device, and start rumors in the delivery of the supply chain of Apple.

But the newspaper claimed that Apple will be addressing new smart phones, the every year development of apple slices, A-series own to improve the performance of the new iPhones. In addition to that expected to need iPhone 11 on the processor Apple A13, which is likely to greatly improve the speed of the phone.

He has spoken to newspaper The Sun with an expert mobile phones Dan Ives, one of the leading critics of the sector, he believes that we will see the three cameras on the back of the phone the new iPhone.

Said Dan, general manager of the company, Wedbush Securities: “will enjoy the new phone three times the potential of the rear camera almost, will be one of the factors that attracted him to improve as many visual”. He said: “it is also possible that there will be development in the technology of facial recognition, and some other improvements on the body of the phone and its design to motivate people to buy it”.

The price of the iPhone 11

In the past year, brought about Apple is earthquake in the world of smart phones while raising the price of the iPhone by a huge.

The company has faced harsh criticism due to its pricing, so it’s led to a decline in its sales forecast models expensive in early 2019.

Stated the expert analyst Dan Ives, general director of Wedbush Securities, to the newspaper The Sun that we expect at least a model for the iPhone during the current year. It is likely that the form has the Premier (iPhone XS) at a similar price, while the increase of the basic model (iPhone XR) license.

He added that Apple is “abandoning its policy of pricing” with the iPhone XR, focus on Chinese customers least able to buy smart phones at exorbitant prices, for to phones cheaper product locally they have.

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