Relax to music — cool. Especially for this collection — not the best place to talk about music, but we are confident that the process of installing another update or bootloader unlock many of you accompany listening to music. So why not postpone time favorite gadgets and share your passions?

We in the editorial sounds the most different music: from classic rock to dance innovations. But once we appeal to the younger generation, today we would like to tell you about a few hits of recent months, which are often heard in our office.

Very pleasantly surprised by the fact that Selena Gomez was not a singer one hit wonder and continues to produce works that stuck in the brain and not let go for a long time. A striking example is the collaboration with DJ Marshmello, embodied in the track ‘Wolves’ with a very original video.

Although cloning is not such a rewarding job, sometimes there are exceptions. For example, the influence Chainsmokers modern pop music can hardly be overestimated, and the examples are not far to seek. Meanwhile, Merk & Kremont turned out quite a good song Sad Story, the video for which will appeal to fans of Oriental beauty.

Old friends from Maroon 5’s never fail, and that neither the novelty, the action, which after a couple of months don’t know where to go. Like the song What Lovers Do was released not so long ago, but it seems like she is already three, isn’t it?

Especially much we’re pleased with the guys from Thirty Seconds To Mars: Jared Leto proved that he can not only create the images of Oscar-winning films, but also write good songs. The main problem was the lack of powerful hits, but it’s different now. Listen Walk On Water and immediately understand everything.

And for dessert we offer you the rising star from France Betta Lemme. All that we love performers from that country, on the ground: and red hair, and a cocky flow, and the stylish minimalism in the arrangements. And Bambola is a very promising song that’s destined to stay in our speakers for the coming year.

All the above tracks are available in the collection Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 5, which applies to all the popular venues not only for acquisition but also for streaming. Listen to all 29 the coolest tracks on the link in Yandex.Music, and here the book can be bought for 139 rubles. By the way, what kind of music you like to listen? Share your tracks in the comments!

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