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Google is currently working on the fourth generation of a series of phones pixels the main company under the name of Pixel 4, which will be announced in October next, and although the phone is still in the process of manufacturing the first except that the leaks first began to emerge to reveal the most important specifications of the phone.

Coming to device running Android next Android Q who revealed the leaks it will receive special support for Face Recognition, which prompted analysts to say that Google Pixel 4 will come with facial recognition to open the lock.

It revealed a document leaked of the phone was discovered by workers at the site of xda-developers that Google is planning to add a new feature to the settings of the connection strips dual SIM in pixel 4 .

In previous generations, specifically the Pixel 2 or Pixel 3, the phone comes with support SIM Dual, but one of these tranches is a virtual card – or eSIM, with technology support dual-SIM solo (DSSS), which means that you can’t receive calls or text messages on the SIM card is not active.

But Android devices and other modern the latest iPhone technology supports Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS), which allows you to receive calls and text messages on any of the SIM cards. Finally, there is a Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA), where he can use both SIM slots for calls, texts and data at once.

Which Google is working on the treads now in the new generation, according to the document at the top the phones the Google Pixel 4 will be equipped with DSDS or maybe you get to upgrade DSDA then, as the device can Pixel 3 support DSDS in the future, but not the DSDA because it lacks secondary radar.

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