Reduce the price of a PlayStation Classic on Amazon fast

Playstation Classic --

This year saw the release of your Sony classic PlayStation Classic, and is a miniature model of this traditional machine which was no success history in the gaming world, and the first home computer to break the barrier of 100 million units sold worldwide.

Unfortunately and despite the great enthusiasm that accompanied the announcement, but that device didn’t get the impression strong upon its release in the markets, and there were numerous objections to the quality of the simulation and use copies of Pal games at the rate of frames worse than its American counterpart, and even a list of games that have been tested.

Is the impact of this on sales of the device? It seems that, opening the device in Japan was not strongly devices NES mini, SNES mini, which has sold 120 thousand units compared to the higher numbers achieved by these devices, and there is a device available on Amazon worth $ 70 while writing these lines, note that its original price is $ 100. Which indicates that the device does not achieve the required sales most likely.

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