Redmi preparing to unveil a phone Redmi K20 28th of May

The complexity of the relationship Redmi sub buy Shawty its next conference on 28 of May, for the official announcement about the phone is it possible to Redmi K20.

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Published the company’s Redmi a lot of ads headline during the last period to promote the issuance of the next Redmi K20, which comes with the highest performance in the feature phone competition in the markets.

It is planned to apply phone Redmi K20 sensor key camera background accurately 48 mega pixel camera with sensor IMX586 from Sony, according to the statements of the founder of the company Shawty Lei Jun.

It also applies to the phone with the chip Snapdragon processor 855 and the highest specifications in the camera coordinate Redmi possible versions in the market with the highest performance, which is what confirmed it leaks on AnTuTu, it also has a phone AMOLED display with a protection layer of glass Gorilla Glass 6, also comes a fingerprint sensor built into the screen.

Include to that the phone Redmi K20 will come also to issue Pro that comes top version features more from charger capacity 27W, the battery is 4000 mAh, the sensor secondary special lens with wide angles, as feature phones Redmi K20 design a pop-up camera front sensor with 20 megapixels, so we expect the official announcement on the 28th of May to get clearer on the features of the new version of the sign of the Redmi.


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