Redmi officially confirm that her phone upcoming flagship will receive the name of Redmi K20, and will serve as a killer for the market

Redmi Note 7 Pro - Copie

We’ve got some of the names questionable phone flagship killer of the sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company. Yesterday, requested the Director-General of the brand China, Mr. Lu Weibing from users to help get the label of the phone the new flagship, and today officially announced that the flagship phone the next person will name Redmi K20.

According to Mr. Lu Weibing, it has stated by saying : ” the series Redmi K Series is the performance flagship for Redmi and K is the leaders first “. So, we know where it came from letter K, but no doubt you ask what is the cause put the number 20 in the recording? Well, it seems that there is no specific reason behind choosing this number except of development with Huawei, where the said Mr. Lu Weibing that his company has a lot to learn from the approach Huawei in the marketing.

According to the source, will include phone Redmi K20 AMOLED screen size of 6.39 inches and accurately +FullHD comprising a sensor fingerprint, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 855, and the random size of 8GB, the internal memory size of 128GB, as well as a front camera with 20 megapixels, camera background of the three strictly 48 megapixels camera basic accurately 8 megapixels and 16 megapixels camera second and third. Apart from that, it has reverb as well that your phone is Redmi K20 will have a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh support shipping strongly 27 watts.


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