Red wine can prevent diseases of teeth and gums

Between the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and amateurs to skip a couple of glasses of red wine over dinner, discussions on which of them are right and who are deeply mistaken are constantly flaring up. Despite the fact that alcohol in large quantities, of course, is harmful to the human body, scientists from year to year discover all the new properties of alcoholic beverages, which can hardly be called "negative." This time, the researchers found that the components contained in red wine prevent dental and gum disease.

Previously it was scientifically proven that the components contained in red wine can improve the state of the heart muscles and even reduce the risk of oncological diseases. The positive properties of wines are mainly based on their components, called polyphenols. Fruits from which alcoholic beverages are made use polyphenols in order to fight harmful bacteria. In addition, polyphenols can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and even slow the aging process, according to some studies (which, of course, many people question).

The most famous polyphenol is resveratrol, a natural phytoalexin that can protect grapes from bacteria and even fungi. It has antitumor , anti-inflammatory and even blood sugar lowering properties, which was proved in numerous laboratory experiments in mice. Resveratrol is found not only in grapes, but also in a number of other fruits and berries, in cocoa beans and nuts. Its concentration in red wine averages from 0.2 to 5.8 milligrams per liter. In white wine, due to the characteristics of production, the concentration of polyphenol is significantly lower.

Previously, the antioxidant properties of polyphenols contained in wine were studied exclusively in the digestive tract. But this time scientists decided to study what happens to these components before they enter the stomach. First of all, they were interested in the question: how does wine affect bacteria living in the oral cavity, and are the causes of diseases of teeth and gums. As the studied polyphenols, caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid were chosen. These substances really hampered the process of attaching bacteria to the gingival cells, but in themselves they acted significantly more efficiently than if in conjunction with the rest of the red wine components.

In a journal published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , researchers emphasize that they do not call anyone to rinse their mouth with red wine before bed. However, the obvious conclusion made by scientists was the assumption that based on such polyphenols it is possible to create very effective preparations for oral hygiene.

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