Red is working on a gigantic camera for your smartphone One Hydrogen

Released last year, the mobile Hydrogen One, if not promised to become a bestseller, it certainly was expected by fans of Red, which is quite and industry of mobile cameras. And all because Red is one of the most famous world manufacturers of equipment for video and photography. It was expected that Hydrogen will One get a better camera and the rest will not concede to competitors in the smartphone market, but it did not happen. Hydrogen One can even be called a failure, but now, apparently, the company learned the lessons and working on something radically new.

One very helpful user of the famous online Reddit noticed on the website of the company Red changes promised by the manufacturer of accessories for mobile Hydrogen One – Red has removed from its website references to future accessories for your smartphone.

One of the main advantages of Hydrogen One reported by the company was modularity. To released the smartphone has been made a number of modules accessories that users can purchase separately and install it on your smartphone as needed. Links to these accessories, like the camera and additional power supply, with the description and photos were on the website, and now the manufacturer for some reason they were removed.

At first, those who purchased the smartphone, is a bit nervous in connection with the removal of the links, but then the General Director of Red Jim Jannard (Jim jannard’s) stated that this was done intentionally.

“Some of you have noticed that we have removed from our website image 2D module for Hydrogen One. The reason for this decision is that we are now working on radical changes in the line of Hydrogen. As I said earlier, things can change, and it will happen.”

Waiting for new Hydrogen One?

Jim Jannard also noted that due to ”a series of obstacles and then new discoveries” before the company opened up completely new possibilities to improve Hydrogen line One.

“Team Red, headed by Jared Land (Jarred Land), now hard at work on a new image capture system and no doubt will we have a completely innovative product to replace those we have removed from our website.”

Under the previous statement of the head of the Red it was not clear, I work in a company on “iron” or softovoi component of the mobile Hydrogen One (on a new camera app, for example) or on some “pieces of iron”. In addition, the company stated that at least some information will announce soon when will settle all patent applications and other necessary details. But from the last message of the CEO of the company is clear that work is conducted on the new modules for the smartphone, which will be much better than what we had expected earlier.

We don’t know what’s so innovative we can offer Red with its new module with the old, but the fact that the company is moving, and, in my opinion, in the right direction there.

Would you buy a smartphone Red, release it’s new camera module that could match the quality of the company’s products?

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