Red flag: the six main problems EOS

The fifth of the capitalization of the cryptocurrency fell by 15 percent during periods of rapid draining of Bitcoin on Thursday. Today EOS is trading at 2.47 dollar, after rising 6.7 percent during the day. It is noteworthy that the project has problems not only with the sales in the market.

According to Chinese media portal Odality, EOS has a lot of problems in terms of fundamental analysis. “The killer Ethereum” think is too centralized and weak for global acceptance all over the world. Recently, analysts have published 6 of the main obstacles to the development of EOS.

Centralization and poor infrastructure

To commercial use is still very far away. We will remind, ICO acclaimed project ended seven months ago. During this time, EOS several times appeared in a not very positive news.

So, according to analysts Odality, cryptocurrencies have the six most serious problems:

  • the DPOS Protocol is indeed effective, but it creates suspicion “dishonesty” of the work of the ecosystem;
  • the operators nodes, which are network-based EOS, are experiencing serious financial difficulties. Only the top 50 nod and make a profit, the rest are working at a loss;
  • the status quo in the distribution of rights between ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Forum) and block producers is the only reasonable choice at this stage of project development;
  • network EOS suffers from inefficient memory usage;
  • a large number of useless dApps;
  • problems with the security of decentralised applications from hacker attacks.

However, even these obstacles did not stop the team EOS to go since June of last year. According to the resource Dappradar.comhave EOS now 254 working dApps. More is Ethereum.

Source: Bitcoinist

At the end of December EOS even recognized best block chain project in China. Now the cryptocurrency is very popular among local investors, with analysts predicting the Chinese coin is a bright future.

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