Recorded second in the history of the deadly attack by the most dangerous birds in the world

The cassowary is considered one of the most dangerous birds in the world — its feud with the people began many years ago when her meat began to be eaten, and sharp claws to make arrowheads. They inhabit Australia and New Guinea, their height can reach 1.5 meters, and the weight exceeds 60 pounds. The most dangerous weapon is a 12-inch claw, one blow of which can inflict a mortal wound. Just history there were only 221 cassowary attack on people, and so far only one of them was fatal. Edition Motherboard told about the second fatal case.

Птица Казуар

The first deadly attack dangerous birds was recorded in 1926 — the victim was an Australian teen named Philip McClean. He died from inflicted by the bird of wounds in the throat. Second deadly attack birds has occurred recently, and this time the victim was 75-year-old farmer Martin Chios. According to head of the rescue service of Jeff Taylor, a man got hit with a claw at the time when I accidentally tripped and fell.

Birds, the Cassowary is undoubtedly dangerous and may even break into a house in search of food. However, the statistics says that they only attack when they feel danger. In particular, people sometimes do not take into account other experiences of interaction between people and these birds, which take place very quietly, without aggression and injuries. For their maintenance requires special conditions with strong cells, and the title of most dangerous bird in the world was awarded to her by Guinness Book of records of 2004.

In nature, there are three species of cassowaries: common cassowary, cassowary, muruk and orangevalley cassowary. Each of them has a “helmet” of horn material with a spongy structure. The function of this growth is unknown, but it is assumed that it is a secondary sexual characteristic or a regulator of body temperature.

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