Received notice that Samsung has access to your Gmail? Don’t worry, Samsung is already aware

You received a letter stating that Samsung Email got access to your Gmail account? Don’t worry, in most cases, there is no danger, but Samsung and Google are already aware of the problem and work on a solution is underway. Samsung itself says that the reasons for panic no, what happened was the bug caused, probably, by the fact that Google introduced a new security Protocol.

Samsung told Android Police that she works closely with the search giant to determine the cause of the problem, and in the soon to be released update to fix it. However, rest assured that the notification is genuine, and your device was not jailbroken, so no need to go into mad hysteria, thinking that you hacked a Scam.

However, there is a high probability that hackers will seek to benefit from discovered exploit, even now, when it was written many publications and some users have been warned. With this in mind, we recommend you go to control panel Google accounts to make sure that the alert if you received it truly is present.

But how to know if you were hacked your account? Well, if the IP address you use to sign in to your account, correspond to the geographic location that is different from yours, it is likely that this is so. And if so, you need to use the panel accounts to protect your account. In General, as I said, Samsung encourages users to ignore the notification.

While the South Korean giant is engaged in the solution of the problem, he assures us that there is no reason to perform any action with the email, adding that those who want to protect your Google account, refrain from clicking on any links in the emails, in case information given to them is fraudulent, and all changes to accounts must be using the computer.

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