Reasons to use Google Images for pictures of iCloud

If you have iPhone or iPad, what apps competent to the cloud for Health Management and you have to use? Some people sleep using iCloud-Photo from the Photos app of Google, but many felt that the application of the photo Google much better than iCloud-Photo-For several reasons.

Application Google Images is cheaper and bigger

The most important reason to use Google Images for pictures of iCloud is the cost of the service. Supposed that users of iOS and macOS are fully knowledgeable of Drive storage free provided by Apple as well as storage capacities in return. The Apple TV only provides its users a free space of 5 GB only. Should we dig up all our pictures in this space! If you don’t want to buy storage requirements. Thus we search for other alternatives for a backup. Except that Apple makes available storage spaces, Additional not cheap (compared to its competitors) if the cost of a 50 GB vs. $ 0.99 per month. The cost of 200 GB at the price of $ 2.99 per month. The cost of Space 2 TB $ 9.99 per month. You have to choose what suits you best from those different capacities.

Google in turn gives you the quest to free is 15 GB and not 5 like Apple and if you want more get a capacity of 100 GB for $ 2 a month capacity of 200 GB compared to$ 2.99 per month and also a capacity of 2 Tera come to the same price of Apple is$ 9.99 per month

Photos app Google to provide a capacity of infinite free

Google offers to all users a free 15 GB as we have explained in the first paragraph of storage is only optional. Yeah you can get storage infinite health condition that you keep it slightly lower quality (Max 16 megapixel). Any you if you choose this option, “the quality of good and not full” you can save an infinite number of photos without the use of any thing of a capacity of 15 GB free. This does not mean that you will lose the quality of photos you take using the latest Apple devices iPhone X and iPhone XS where it only includes the camera background accurately 12 megapixels. You won’t lose quality only if you take pictures with a camera professional. Moreover, you can apply the Google Images change the size of photos automatically during upload. And for the record, the 16-megapixel camera is good enough to print image 24 * 16 inches without losing anything in quality.

Photos app Google supported across different platforms

Few people restrict themselves to using one operating system. And even if you are used to Apple devices only you learn to use other devices and other platforms either at work or school or when close relatives or friends.

Allows you to Google Images access your images on all platforms. Google provides apps for cell phones for Android OS or iOS, there are web application, as well as you can download app on TVs that support Android system, TVs Amazon Fire TV Stick or any TV smart. There is also a desktop application on the devices the windows or macOS.

In contrast, the application of photo iCloud of Apple is not of this world. Where it is already installed on all iOS devices, there are applications for Windows and web application, but users of Android or any smart devices other can’t use it.

You can search in a better way on the application of the photo Google

The dog knows that Google is the search engine the most advanced in the world, where it’s called artificial intelligence and thus the application of the photo Google claims artificial intelligence in the sea also enjoys the same power. Every time you download a new image to Google images, the app scan the image and identify the image and its details. As a result, you can write phrases such as “in the elevator with the boys,” “in the garden with chums” will be able to apply Google images to find all images that match those descriptions in a few moments.

Of course Apple is seeking to provide this feature, but it’s not the same efficiency and quality of Google. It also does not support or provide an advantage to his rival for Google. This feature of the rule that gives you one-click analysis of the image and its content.

You can use all of the iCloud Photo apply Google Images

I don’t doubt that the pictures are of the most valuable files that we have, and that’s because they contain memories and attitudes to be repeated. It may be wise to use both application to Google images and the images of the iCloud where you can take advantage of the best possible in both applications, including the seamless integration between the Apple devices and applications, as well as storage space generous in the application of the photo Google.

To improve the application of Google Images

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Do you use application of the photo Google and iCloud Photo’s? Which is better for you? Tell us in the comments.



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