Reasons to buy a phone for OnePlus 6 and prevent you from buying it

Reasons to buy a phone for OnePlus 6

The company has launched oneplus recently about the latest smart phones, OnePlus 6 which comes with variety at a reasonable price, but it is not ideal for everyone, if you are looking for a new smartphone, there are alternatives you can rely on instead of the phone OnePlus 6 like the Galaxy S9 and LG G7 and you experience the wonderful and unique performance, and with the phone OnePlus 6 you will get a screen size of 6.3 inch with rear camera, double the Android operating system 8.1 oreo with the possibility of upgrade to Android P in exchange for $ 529

We help you determine whether the big screen, elegant design, dual rear camera and experience the use of power sufficient to overcome some drawbacks such as extrusion of the upper in the screen, average camera performance, and missing features, and during the article, we will explore reasons to buy a phone for OnePlus 6 and prevent you from it.

Elegant design and big screen

هاتف oneplus 6
Phone oneplus 6

Of the most important reasons that drive you to buy a phone for OnePlus 6 is its sleek design its big screen, you feel as if you possess your flagship phones are expensive, and with the oneplus you will get a phone from AMOLED display size 6.3 inches resolution Full HD, as the phone comes with a stylish design with glass rear options color characteristic.

The main feature of the phone that screen without dialogue but with a bump top like iPhone X, and, on the rear we find dual rear camera with a fingerprint reader includes to a large extent the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

One of the Best Android phones available

سعر هاتف oneplus 6
Price phone oneplus 6

Phone OnePlus 6 one of the Best Android phones that you can buy them which makes it worth the purchase, and for $ 529, you get a phone with a processor Snapdragon 845 which ensures smooth performance when running apps and games with the random access memory (RAM) 6/8 gigabytes of address space along with a large screen size, rear camera with Dual memory of internal storage a huge battery and big.

Updates fast

مواصفات عالية هاتف الاندرويد الجديد oneplus 6
High specification Android phone to the new oneplus 6

Outperform phone OnePlus 6 from the rest of the phones the competition is not in the fact that it gets updates quickly, it is running Android 8.1 oreo with the possibility of upgrade to Android P, and when it comes to system upgrades, the company oneplus is one of the best companies that take care of that, if you are keen on owning a phone gets updates to the system and security quickly, you can buy a phone from oneplus or Google.

Reasonable price

سعر مقبول و مناسب
Acceptable price and suitable

Phone OnePlus 6 of the best phones that you can acquire through the current year versus a very reasonable price where you can get the specification of the approach to migration the leading like the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, LG V30 but at a reasonable price, where you can get a phone for OnePlus 6 memory internal storage 64 gigabytes of address space and memory random access RAM 6 gigabytes compared to $ 529, while you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen is smaller and battery life is greater with the random access memory to 4 gigabytes at a price of between $ 720 and $ 800.

Memory bigger storage

ذاكرة تخزين عالية
Memory storage high

If you are looking for a smart phone memory storage you can rely on the phone for 6 which comes with a memory of 64 gigabytes at a price of $ 529 and if you need more storage you can get a copy of the phone size of 128 gigabytes compared to 579 dollars either a memory of 256 gigabytes you can get it for $ 619, while the cost of the phone iPhone X 256 gigabytes about $ 1200.

Reasons to prevent you from buying a phone for OnePlus 6

Phone too big

oneplus 6 هاتف كبير
oneplus 6 a large phone

There are a number of the few reasons that may prevent you from buying a phone for OnePlus 6 the most important of which being very large it is not all users prefer Large-sized phones, where the phone has a screen size of 6.3 inches, which makes it difficult for users who prefer screens of small size dealing with the device, as the screen comes up without the dialogue making it more prone to breakage, also comes the back cover of the glass which makes it prone to breakage.

Average camera performance

مواصفات كاميرا هاتف oneplus 6
Specification camera phone oneplus 6

There is another reason it may pay you to not buy the phone, if you want to get a camera phone excellent may not have the phone option suitable to you, although the phone OnePlus 6 has the best camera among phones, a medium budget but the phone can’t compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9, HTC U12+ in terms of camera performance.

The performance of the camera in the phone OnePlus 6 think better 19% about the phone OnePlus 5T but it ensures you perform the average.

Waiting for the phone OnePlus 6T

The design is available for OnePlus 6T

During the past year, the company launched the oneplus smartphone OnePlus 5 specifically during the month of June last, during the month of October the company launched the phone OnePlus 5T which came with specifications stronger, so it is expected to launch the phone OnePlus 6T during the month of October, with sophisticated features for a phone OnePlus 6 will probably come to the phone area of the screen without the bump top with a fingerprint reader integrated with the phone’s screen.

Other options are available

Phone Essential Phone PH-1

There is another reason that may prevent you from buying a phone for OnePlus 6 is the presence of other options are available, where you can get a phone for OnePlus 5T a large screen size without the edges at the price of less than $ 500 in addition to phone Essential Phone PH-1, which you may get for just $ 499, which is characterized by its hardness so that it is made of ceramic and titanium, you can also get the LG phone G7, Galaxy S9 who enjoys the water resistant and wireless-to-side curved screen and excellent camera, there are many other options available which may cost you a little more than a phone for OnePlus 6


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