Realme reveal the headphones Realme Buds, and the cost of $ 7 only


Within the same event, in which it detects the phone Realme U1, the sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo it detects the first headphones ever which bear the name of the Realme Buds. The company Realme to provide these headphones with the 3.5 mm making it compatible with all smart phones that the brand launched so far, as well as many smart phones available in the market today from other companies.

The brand says Realme it has improved the sound of the door in these new heavens, and by providing speakers and with a diameter of 11 mm is Buffy more by 160 percent compared with headphones with speakers with a diameter of 10mm. Moreover, the brand Realme include the colors gray and yellow in this new heavens to make them match the screen image to the company.


Generally, headphones Realme Buds would be 500 Indian rupees equivalent to U.S. $ 7. Despite their low price compared to headphones from other companies, they are a nightmare wrapped pair of braided to make it more durable. And you magnetic found in all fish protein paste them together around your neck when not use to avoid the fall of them every time you move your neck.

Headphones Realme Buds includes three buttons to control the songs, but you can also call the digital assistant Google Account to use it, although this is not a unique feature, but many of the Bluetooth headsets boast about it.



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